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  • Bitcoin Value Slides Downward from Highest to Lowest March 1, 2021
    Bullish investors witnessed Bitcoin rising to an all-time high and then falling to its lowest within a week in the last week of February 2021. The increased stock market volatility has caused the prices of Bitcoins and other altcoins like Ethereum to plunge downwards in the previous few days. On February 21, the value of […]
  • Square Adds 3318 Bitcoins to its Cryptocurrency Reserves February 24, 2021
    Square, Inc., a California-based financial service and mobile payment company that makes software and hardware payments products has announced to purchase 3,318 Bitcoins for around $170 million. This is the second major investment of the company in the world’s most speculative digital asset. Previously the company bought $50 million worth of Bitcoin in October 2020 to enhance […]
  • Bitcoin’s Astonishing Price Hike – Is it for Real? February 22, 2021
    Bitcoin, the most speculative digital asset, has now been continually targeted by investors. They speculate whether investing in Bitcoins would be an ideal option in the current scenario or not when the digital asset appears to be overhyped. The hype began after the Tesla king invested around $1.5 billion into the cryptocurrency, thereby skyrocketing its […]
  • Bitcoin Breaks Through the $52k Mark; Analysts See Bullish Market Ahead February 18, 2021
    Bitcoin surged above the $52,000 level, a record high on Wednesday at around 2:45 p.m. ET. According to Morgan Creek Digital Asset cofounder Anthony Pompliano, Bitcoin could rise to $1 million over the long term to become a global reserve currency of the internet generation. Bitcoin influencer, Tone Vays, echoed sentiments by stating that bitcoin […]
  • MicroStrategy To Host $600M Private Offering to Hoard More Bitcoin from The Revenue Earned February 17, 2021
    MicroStrategy, the leading business intelligence firm based in Virginia, has disclosed its plans to roll out a private offering to raise $600M funds in convertible senior notes for qualified institutional investors. The proceeds will then be used to buy even more Bitcoins according to the current plans of the company. Following this bitcoin purchase from […]
  • Bitcoin Price Surges as Institutional Adoption Picks-Up Paces February 16, 2021
    Bitcoin is currently going through its best phase, with the value hovering around $50,000 in the week just gone by. The largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization continues its dream run – thanks to the institutional support and wider adoption the digital coin is receiving across the globe. In terms of the year to date, Bitcoin […]
  • BNY Mellon Enters the Bitcoin Space February 12, 2021
    Bank of New York  Mellon, one of the oldest banks in the United States, created history on 11th Feb 2021 with the announcement of entering the lucrative world of digital currency. BNY Mellon has followed the upward growing trend of bitcoin; as per the news report, the value of bitcoin reached a record-breaking all-time high […]
  • Bitcoin Prices Improved Amidst COVID 19 Fears Following Tesla Investment February 11, 2021
    In March 2020, when the entire world economy crashed, bitcoin prices sank to $3,867 amidst the fear of the recession caused by the deadly COVID 19. This continued into 2021. When markets were crashing, governments began pumping the trade network with bank funds to recover business from inflationary pressure, but that too did not help […]
  • Peter Schiff thinks Dogecoin could disrupt Bitcoin February 8, 2021
    Anthony Pompliano, a renowned entrepreneur and a host of a popular bitcoin podcast, jokingly remarked in his recent tweet that the vocal bitcoin hater Peter Schiff claims that Dogecoin (a popular cryptocurrency) is going to disrupt the first decentralized crypto Bitcoin. Following his tweet, the crypto community got dissected into two groups, one supporting Schiff’s […]

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