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  • Peter Schiff Accepts Mistake; Warns Bitcoin Supporters January 23, 2020
    Peter Schiff, the gold bug, has released another official statement in which he has accepted his mistake for not being cautious towards the security of his bitcoin wallet password which eventually resulted in losing his valuable digital assets. My #Bitcoin mystery is solved. I mistook my pin for my password. When Blockchain updated their app […]
    Trevor Holman
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Exhibits Stability; Holds the Value around $8700 January 22, 2020
    Bitcoin seems to have retained the moderate bullish trend It may soon touch $8819 as its next resistance with a moderate volatility Bitcoin has maintained its price near $8700 mark from yesterday. Though it has been through a few ups and downs, there has been a 0.90% increment in the value in this period. It […]
    Mehak Punjabi
  • Peter Schiff Loses Bitcoin Wallet Access; Questions Bitcoin Security January 20, 2020
    Peter Schiff, the well-known economist, financial broker, and gold bug, took the crypto community in a blow by announcing that he has lost access to his Bitcoin wallet making his BTC assets shockingly worthless. On January 19, 2020, through his official Twitter handle, Peter affirmed that his crypto password has become invalid and all his […]
    Scott Cook
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Gets Contracted by 2.61% Over the Last 24 Hours January 20, 2020
    BTC loses 2.61% overnight to be placed at $8600 It may soon touch a resistance point at $9000 Investors need to be ready to tackle a certain degree of price volatility in the coming days Bitcoin has failed to step into this new week on a healthy foot. There has been a 2.61% decline in […]
    David Cox
  • Bitcoin Halving and Its Impact on Its Value: Everything You Need to Know January 19, 2020
    Bitcoin follows a complex mining and rewards procedure for its production, but its principle is deeply rooted in the fundamental law of economics – supply and demand. In order to keep the value intact, Bitcoin has adopted a procedure called Bitcoin Halving. In simplest terms, Bitcoin halving is defined as a phenomenon that halves the […]
    David Cox
  • Is Bitcoin Stuck in a Downtrend? January 16, 2020
    Bitcoin saw a monumental rise in the early 2010s, which, as we now know, resulted in a burst bubble by the latter half of 2017. Since then, coupled with its slow rate of adoption and continual price fluctuations, analysts have started speculating that the cryptocurrency may well be stuck in a downward trend.  This article […]
    David Cox
  • Bitcoin Price Inclines Towards the Major Support Around $8,000 January 13, 2020
    Bitcoin (BTC), at the time of penning down this article, was trading at $8,108 on Bitfinex. The price of BTC is currently seen correcting downwards from its fresh 30-day high at $8,396.74. However, the coin is gaining utter support from the daily moving averages as it has been trading above $8,000 persistently for the third […]
    Mehak Punjabi
  • Bitcoin- Is It a Speculative Asset or a Mighty Investment? January 11, 2020
    Just as the Internet of Things (IoT) is getting famous with the advancement of technology, Bitcoin christened as the “Internet of Money” is getting tremendous popularity and acceptance with each passing year. As we step into the most talked about year ‘2020,’ we see notable changes in the economy of the countries and the adoption […]
    Trevor Holman
  • Bitcoin Corrects Downwards Yet Remains an Ultimate Power January 9, 2020
    Bitcoin (BTC), at the time of writing this analysis, was seen correcting downwards from hitting the major resistance above $8,000 and $8,300. However, the current fall makes us believe the illusionary movement that the coin had over the past 2 days. However, a persistent break above $8,000 can only lead to some interesting analytics about […]
    Mehak Punjabi

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