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  • Will COVID’19 Help Bitcoin Overpower the US Dollar? April 6, 2020
    Coronavirus—the Pandemic that broke out in late 2019 is leading to impose a lasting effect on the lives of people mentally and physically worldwide. The physical breakdown may be treated but a mental breakdown is likely to tear apart even further as the world economy crashes into pieces yet digging deeper than the 2008 financial […]
  • Bitcoin has Zero Value & Holds Zero BackUp: Is It Really So? April 3, 2020
    The title rightly points at the major controversial thing — the crux of Bitcoin and the value it holds in the portfolio for the institutional investors. We have heard many critics stating that cryptocurrencies hold no worth as long as investments are considered. Well, this is not just a layman belief whose investment portfolio would […]
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Appears Visibly Bullish & RSI Notably Hits Above 70 April 2, 2020
    Bitcoin, at the time of writing this analysis, had already breached above $6,700 after 6 days of the sluggish movement, below $6.5k and even $6k. BTC takes a bullish toll after days of price accumulation and trading sideways. Moreover, it is important to note that Bitcoin and other cryptos are standing strong support in the […]
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Breaks the Subtle Uptrend as the Price Accumulates April 1, 2020
    Bitcoin, at the time of writing this analysis, was trading around $6,200 after breaking the subtle uptrend around $6,400, below 50.0% Fib Retracement level BTC price currently lacks support from 50-day and 200-day daily moving average due to current price accumulation When the coin slid below $4k at $3,800, the RSI slid in the selling […]
  • Why Is This the Right Time to Invest in Bitcoin? March 31, 2020
    The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world like never before. The economic meltdown is staring at our face, and the recent announcement of Federal Reserve to print infinite currency has come across as a double-edged sword. While this move will bring much-needed relief for investors, it is surely going to hurt the value of the […]
  • Bitcoin Gains Intraday Momentum and Readily Surges Above $6.4k March 30, 2020
    Bitcoin (BTC), at the time of writing, was seen hitting the intraday high above $6,400 after hitting a weekly low around $5,800. Yet, this was quite an anticipated dip that was lined up after the price of BTC faced a “death crossover” and price accumulation above $6k and $6.5k over a period of 7 days. […]
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Nosedives Around $6k; Major Support Lies at $5.8k March 28, 2020
    Bitcoin experienced the most anticipated fall as it retests around $6k and $6.1k after accumulating above $6.5k. Well, you would wonder, how was this an anticipated fall of BTC. Aligning the analysis done two days back, we were quite ready for a dip sooner or later as the coin experienced a “death crossover,” and it […]
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Turns Flat Above $6.5k; A Massive Price Change Expected March 27, 2020
    Bitcoin, at the time of writing this analysis, continued to trade above $6.5k at $6,650.93 along with the price accumulation above 50.0% Fib Retracement level. Amidst the global crisis, the BTC price trend has drawn a high at $9,200, low at $3,800, and relief support at $6,500. Analyzing the 4-hourly movement of Bitcoin against the […]
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Continues to Confuse; Will It Experience Bulls or Bears? March 26, 2020
    Bitcoin Price News: Bitcoin continues to trade above $6k and $6.5k for the 5th day now, and we are likely to draw a week full of bullish crossover if it does not nosedive any sooner. However, even if BTC maintains a winning streak, it is drawing a controversial picture overall. In less than 30 days, […]

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