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  • Some Effective Ways to Help you Predict Bitcoin Price Accurately May 23, 2020
    In the world of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is what a monarch is to his territory, the unprecedented ruler. Referred to as the pioneer of virtual currencies, Bitcoin came into existence in 2009 when the global economy was in shatters, and recession had damaged the entire financial space severely. Ever since its inception, Bitcoin has been the […]
  • Should you invest in Bitcoin or stick to traditional bank stock investment? May 23, 2020
    There has been an unprecedented rise in the price of Bitcoin, tempting thousands of investors across the world to invest in the most popular cryptocurrency asset. But the question is, what with the price fluctuations, security issues, and other such factors, is it a prudent move to invest in Bitcoin? Time has always witnessed the […]
  • Bitcoin (BTC): Investors Prefer to ‘HODL’; Experts Fear a Trend Reversal Near $9k May 23, 2020
    This year seems to be a legit patience-test for all the investors out there, no matter where they have invested. Market bulls are enduring all the pressure present in the space while they keep proving their strength with each rebound. Despite that, bearish shadows are not leaving the market, and this prolonged chaos is causing […]
  • How’s the Bitcoin Community Celebrating the Bitcoin Pizza Day May 22, 2020
    For any newborn industry, there’s one moment in time that defines its future, and the crypto space is no different. On 22nd May 2010, a young man named Laszlo Hanyecz, now popularly known as the Bitcoin Pizza Guy, bought two pizzas at Papa John’s pizza joint for, hold your breath, 10,000 Bitcoins. Those two pizzas […]
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Awaits One More Upside Thrust; Still a Few Steps Away From $10k May 21, 2020
    Bitcoin price was trading with a commendable stability yesterday. The coin sharply declined from $9800 to see more downside vulnerability at $9400 after 15:00 UTC. This price loss was suspected of taking place because of rapid sell-off. The market was not ready to face such an unexpected mass-selling activity; Recently, an address that was inactive […]
  • Bitcoin Predictions Through Summer and Fall May 20, 2020
    After the Bitcoin halving that occurred on May 12th, the question remains: Will Bitcoin price soar or will it fall? Well, there are three scenarios that could happen. Ok, well, there is an infinite amount of scenarios that could happen depending on how deep you want to go into it. But there are three general […]
  • Bitcoin Bulls Continue to Rally above 9800 USDT; Now Intrigues J.K. Rowling May 18, 2020
    Bitcoin is roaring against USDT as the stable and strong bulls have lifted the price by more than a whopping 118%. With that, the BTC price has climbed up by more than 5400 USDT. As shown in the chart, the currency is repeatedly knocking the 10,000 USDT price mark for the last one week, noting […]
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Strengthens Even More; May Surpass the $10k Milestone Soon May 14, 2020
    Bitcoin is most likely to cross the $10k mark before it approaches the month-end; the coin is set to knock the barriers above $9900 once again this month; can we thank the recent halving for this? The 200-day EMA line poses as a support level; the coin seems rock-solid above $9000 right now; bullish candles […]
  • Bitcoin News: What’s Coming In Next Post Bitcoin Halving 2020? May 13, 2020
    Bitcoin, at press time, was trading around $8.8k on the immediate next day of the 3rd Bitcoin halving which happened on May 11, 2020. Bitcoin news has leveled up social media as well, as the world as they got ready for the major event—Bitcoin halving. Bitcoiners believe this block reward halving that happens every 4 […]

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