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  • Bitcoin is Bullish; Is this a Bull Trap Again? October 20, 2020
    Bitcoin is all over the place with its recent rise in price over $12k for a brief time period in the past two days just to steeply dip and test supports as low as $10k immediately. However, the momentum that followed is drawing an uptrend against the US Dollar from Month to Date low marked […]
  • Coinitix – A Simple Way to Buy Bitcoins October 14, 2020
    Bitcoin, the oldest trading cryptocurrency, can now be bought with your credit card directly in a few simple steps – on the Coinitix smart and secure currency exchange. For a better understanding of Coinitix functions, it is necessary to know how Bitcoins have been purchased traditionally.  The first is from the Wallet, which offers […]
  • Bitcoin Crosses Above $11k After 5-Week of Downside Correction October 10, 2020
    Bitcoin (BTC) happens to be the talk of the investors’ town as it crossed above $11k just towards the closing of yesterday’s trading session and spurred to a short height of $11.5k, just around the time of writing. While Bitcoin holds a lot of power, BTC’s recent price action is just too good to be […]
  • Bitcoin Trades Below $11k & Appears Volatile on Hourly Chart October 6, 2020
    Bitcoin (BTC), at the time of penning down this analysis, was seen trading below $11k, as usual, and continues to consolidate in a trading range of $10k to $11k. The current price dynamics may not be investor-friendly, but not to forget that Bitcoin is often compared to the safe-haven Gold, and in a period of […]
  • Bitcoin Pulls Backs from $10.9 to Trade Around $10.7k in 24 Hours September 29, 2020
    Markets have been undoubtedly volatile over the past few weeks and the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization—Bitcoin continues to consolidate below $11,000. Moreover, it was over the past 2 hours that the coin has crossed above $10.9k but has corrected downsides and currently trades around $10.7k. Alongside, as we near the close of the most […]
  • What are You Up to Until the Next Possible Bitcoin Bull Run? September 24, 2020
    Bitcoin has been center-stage for quite some time now and has gained enough impetus over the past months. The reason is simple that it was in the first half of the ongoing year when the 3rd halving took investor’s majority of the stake and interest. After gaining complete attention from stock investors, Bitcoin is not […]
  • Bitcoin—the Power Needs Over $10k to Set an All-Time High September 21, 2020
    Bitcoin and its price have been a talk of the investor’s town due to its recent volatile movement. It was during the weekend when the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization was seen trading above $11k, while currently has recorded a steep dip wherein BTC lost over 3% from the highest of yesterday until the lowest, […]
  • Bitcoin—An Investment Asset or a Variable to Fill the Flaw in the System? September 16, 2020
    Bitcoin has been the most talked-about investment asset these days in the world where countries are approaching towards complete digitalization. Moreover, the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic has amplified the need for the hour and has wholly modified the modern-day investment options, including Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Today, there are approximately over 7,600 digital cryptocurrencies in the global […]
  • Bitcoin Slides Below $11.5k & Appears Completely Bearish August 22, 2020
    Bitcoin descends after trading around $12k at $11.9k for the longest time now and is currently below $11.5k due to a bearish intraday. The recent accumulation below $12k appears like a new normal as it was in the previous month below $10k and $9.5k. However, a sizeable correction below $11.5k is acceptable for a notable […]

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