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  • Bitcoin Falls Back to Support; Will BTC Make a U-Shaped Recovery? September 30, 2022
    Bitcoin has been reeling under massive volatile price action, with the outlook of this token seemingly negative in the short term. From a broader perspective, things look dimmer, but dip buyers are happy to add more BTC to their holdings. BTC’s previous low in June 2022 was near $18000, and the current hovering of its […]
    Roxanne Williams
  • Bitcoin Price Prediction: Can BTC Surpass 100 EMA? September 27, 2022
    Bitcoin, the market leader, has once again attempted to bring back some joy to this crypto. What has once been considered a digital gold equivalent has been struggling for the last year to make positive returns in the short term. Despite the outlook benefitting short sellers, buyers are equally enthusiastic as they expect a major […]
    Scott Cook
  • Bitcoin’s Volatility Seems to Not End; Can BTC Rise to Its Glory? September 19, 2022
    A successful Merge update has triggered the argument of the sustainability of Proof of Work consensus for the long term, especially Bitcoin. After the Merge, Bitcoin is in a downtrend, which also raises doubts in retail investors who invest in Bitcoin with their hard-earned money because they believe BTC is an asset like gold. Market […]
    David Cox
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Turns Red as Bears Hold Strong Hand in Crypto Market! September 16, 2022
    As the second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum has switched to Proof of Stake consensus, so many investors doubt whether Bitcoin with Proof of Work consensus will be sustainable in the long run. Truly speaking, this change in the basic code has been on the To-Do list from Ethereum’s inception, but it is a hype that has […]
    Trevor Holman
  • Bitcoin Trades Around Its Weekly High Despite Elon Musk’s ‘Deflation’ Warning September 13, 2022
    Before Ethereum’s Merge upgrade, Bitcoin is trading at its weekly high. On the other hand, Tesla CEO Elon Musk also warned about the upcoming deflation due to the Federal Reserve interest rate hike. ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood also holds a similar view. Musk warns that a major increase in the Federal Reserve interest rate […]
    Trevor Holman
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Below $20K; What’s Happening With the Crypto King? September 7, 2022
    Market leader Bitcoin moves in a negative trend while other cryptocurrencies are at least attempting to consolidate. Despite the huge active circulation, there have been no supply constraints to increase BTC value. Last time, the experts suggested a buying rally as BTC would move towards 100% circulation of tokens. On the contrary, there seems to […]
    David Cox
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Shows Slight Hope as It Lingers Around 20K! September 2, 2022
    Bitcoin (BTC) is undoubtedly the king of cryptocurrencies, and its huge market capitalization is valued at $384,246,202,756. The sharp decline and uptrend in the short term have recently increased, which can be associated with the larger volatility in the world’s financial condition. BTC on longer candlestick charts showcases a halt in declining value, and this […]
    Scott Cook
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Rejects From Recent Peak to Fall by 15%! August 29, 2022
    Bitcoin’s motion and movement in terms of price action have entered a negative trend after months of consolidation and positive breakout attempts. The price analysis of individual candles on daily charts indicates the inability of BTC buyers to surpass the 100 EMA curve to turn instrumental in creating a negative sentiment. The subsequent rejection at […]
    Scott Cook
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Stumbles by Almost $4000 in Just a Week! August 22, 2022
    Bitcoin is performing in tandem with different digital and financial assets. As global tensions have reached new highs, the fear of investors in different forms of investment is becoming brighter. With different parts of Europe facing an energy crisis, Proof of Work could become obsolete in the coming years. Currently, BTC is the only cryptocurrency […]
    Roxanne Williams

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